Tuesday, May 28, 2013

An Apartment Full of Peonies

On my way home from work on Friday (thinking "long weekend full-steam ahead!"), I stopped by the gorgeous flower stand in our building to gather up some stems to brighten my home.  I used to be in the habit of buying myself flowers quite regularly, but during the winter months, that ritual fell to the wayside.  Once I saw my favorite flower in the midst of all the beautiful blooms, I knew exactly what was coming home with me that day.  I grabbed some dark pink carnations too and set off to brighten my home!

I placed a lovely, little arrangement in both my kitchen and my bedroom.  I can literally feel the transformative effect that these beauties have when I walk into my apartment.  There's no other decor trick, piece of art, or chevron anything that could make me feel as refreshed when coming home.  The Ball jar bunch lives on my kitchen table, while the low, gray vase is perched on my nightstand.

Aren't they stunning?  I hope this post has inspired you to head out to your local florist, the farmer's market, or a roadside stand to gather up a bunch of your own!


  1. What a gorgeous combination–I never would have thought of it, but now I can't wait to pick up flowers for the kitchen table!

  2. There's something about going home and seeing a bunch of flowers waiting for you on your bedside or kitchen table. Personally, it does wonders to me. It relieves stress and puts me into such a good mood. White tulips are my favorite but it looks like pink carnations are now, too.


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