Monday, May 13, 2013

Fashion Namesake

Inspiration photo credits: Mint macarons photographed by SFO Photo, Glitter blown glass necklace by The Studio 8, Gold pyramid studs from Rivet Button Shop.

When I was young, it felt so deflating to walk into a store with personalized keychains, license plates, and other fun novelty items and never be able to find my name.  "Pamela" was always the closest I could find, and it was never considered a worthy substitute for the real deal.  The 8-year-old me definitely squealed when I stumbled upon such a beautiful shoe named after yours truly (hey, a girl can dream).  I'm just dying over the edgy sweetness of these Kate Spade "Paloma" Metallic Bow Pumps!

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  1. My dad used to tell me Eric Clapton's "Layla" was actually "Lena"–but Lena Horne was a much better role model!


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